About Me

I make organic, sculptural forms in willow bought from Somerset and delicate coiled and plaited vessels in bark and other plant materials harvested from gardens and roundabouts.

My work is mainly contemporary but calls on a rich and varied craft tradition. I am drawn to sculptural forms, which for me echo the high curves and low curves of spare open landscapes: the Yorkshire Dales and Wolds, Norfolk and Suffolk coasts, estuaries and tidal mudflats; and the forms and patterns made by water, wind and wave. My other motivation is the challenge and physicality of making by hand: the tensioning of material, the mind calm of repetition, the satisfaction of solving a construction problem; and pleasure of seeing something take shape under your hand.

I found basketmaking after a career in urban regeneration and loved it instantly. I’d never thought of making the objects I’d been seeing, buying and admiring on my travels. And baskets in this country had become for me, as for many people, invisible. Ubiquitous holders of stuff. Since then I have taken short courses with a number of well-known basketmakers and trained for two years on the City Lit Basketry Course, completing in 2017 with an exhibition at Craft Central, Clerkenwell, with Basketmakers’ Dozen. I have also shown at the Crypt Gallery, Seaford and at Kindred Studios, London; and am delighted to be a participant in the London Creative Network programme run by Cockpit Arts.